Host Families


The host family experience is a cornerstone of the Cultural Homestay Program, and will set your experience apart from the experiences of others. While many of those who participate in Chinese study programs or otherwise come to China never explore beyond China’s growing number of Western restaurants, bars, and department stores, experience Chinese life and customs directly for yourself as you live with your host family.


Our host families lead successful lives as lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and more. Many of them have traveled abroad, and all of them share an interest in learning more about other languages, other cultures and the world at large. They are eager to learn about your culture and customs, and by living with them, you will learn much about theirs as well. Due to the one-child policy in China, most of our host families’ children do not have siblings. As such, your host sibling will be thrilled to have you as an older “brother” or “sister”. As a member of your host family, you will be able to enjoy eating meals together, engaging in fascinating conversations, and partaking in family activities. Some of our host families have even been known to take our program participants along as they travel throughout China and beyond.


You will finish the program having become a true member of your Chinese family, who you can always reach out to in the future. Who knows – maybe your host sibling will host your own children one day, letting them enjoy the homestay experience you did.