Application Procedure

To apply, follow these steps:
1.  Register online, which is FREE and gets you started.
2.  Download all necessary documents, complete, and send back to us.
3.  Please record a brief video (1 to 2 mins) to introduce yourself.
Acceptance and Matching Process:
1.  We will interview you via Skype.
2.  We will edit your documents and create your profile.
3.  Please wait patiently during the Early Bird "Matching" Process.
4.  Acceptence of a Chinese school or placement with a host family. We might ask you to attend a Skype interview with your potential family.
Preparing for and arriving in China:
1.  You need to arrange your visa and flights to China (We are here to give advice or answer questions!). We will pick up you at the airport when you arrive in China and bring you to your host family.
2.  You will receive a welcome package (SIM card/Metro card/Map/Address card)
3.  Orientation and Training.
4.  We will put you into contact with our other Au pairs! We are a little international family at Early Bird and we are all eager to make friends and willing to help you out.
1.  As a multinational and conscientious agency, we will provide you an ongoing, safe, simple and reliable service and work closely with you during your preparation, matching process as well as your stay in China. It means that we will guarantee your safety, getting along well with the host family and solving potential problems that may arise.
2.  We will assist you with the visa application process.
3.  Please complete all forms and return to us as soon as possible. You can scan and e-mail the application and documents to
4.  You can register at any time. However, ideally you should register at least 3 months before your intended travel date to maximize your chance of timely placement.
Documents Needed:

To be a successful applicant, we need the following documents:

1.  Application Form (Please use Adobe Acrobat Pro software to complete and save).
2.  At least 5 recent pictures which include yourself, your family and friends, children you have cared for, and your hobbies or interests. Please rename the picture file as a description such as: "My family at Disneyland 2013".
3.  Copies of Passport information page.
4.  Childcare Reference Form #1 and #2.
5.  Medical Record Verification Reference Form signed by your doctor.
6.  Criminal Record Form signed by local law enforcement.

Please download the documents and complete all of them ASAP. Please email us if you have any questions. When completed, please send them along with your other materials Thank you!