1. Early Bird Cultural Homestay Program Introduction


Early Bird is a cultural exchange agency based in Beijing, helping international participants experience life in China. Our intelligent matching system, based on mutual trust and appreciation, helps us to find perfect host families for all of our applicants. We believe that word-of-mouth does a better job than any kind of physical advertising ever would. For this reason, we strive to dedicate our time and efforts to offer you the highest standard of services possible. We assist you with the application process and document preparation, help you organize your travel, and provide you with the language training throughout your stay in China.


 2. What will Early Bird do for me?


As a professional and experienced agency, we provide you with an ongoing, safe and reliable service. We will work closely with you during the matching process, the preparation for your trip, as well as throughout your stay in China. Furthermore, we commit to guarantee your safety and compatibility with your host family. 


 3.The Early Bird Certificate


By the end of your stay with us, you will learn that you have gained many valuable skills for life. You will receive a formal certificate indicating your participation in our program and a Chinese language certificate upon the completion of your language skills test. As many employers appreciate applicants with experience abroad, the Early Bird certificate will make you stand out in the crowd.