At Early Bird we prove quality service to both Au pair and host families. Our experienced staff members are dedicated to help you settle into China and provide you with superior customer service throughout your stay. 


Rigorous Host Family Selection


We are the link between exchange participants and host families. The difference between you choosing a professional service agency or you looking for a host family online yourself, is that we have a detailed understanding of the exchange families security, educational background, and economic conditions. We know the host families personally and we inspect every host family's home and Au pair living space, prior to your arrival. Most host families are very busy and don't speak much English, so they rely on us to match them with the perfect Au pair. 

We only provide service to those families that are happy to accept different cultures and who are kind and friendly.


Careful Matching


There are so many host families online that you may spend a lot of time judging, selecting and deciding which one suits you best. It can be overwhelming! Let us help you. We have a detailed understanding of both exchange students and host families and are confident in our ability to create a good match. In this way, you can save time and stress and both sides will be satisfied. The harmonious family relationship will make your stay in China truly memorable and special. 


Arranging Your Contract 


We help our Au pairs/exchange students understand and sign the contracts with their Chinese host families. We also assist you with applying for a Chinese visa and are here for you to solve any issues related to it. 


Program Training 


How to get along with Chinese children and your host family; How to learn Chinese quickly and efficiently; How to make friends with Chinese people and adapt to cultural differences; Travel around China; Learn traditional Chinese culture; Adapt to Chinese daily life; all of these things will be involved in our training. The map of the city, SIM card and subway/bus pass will be given to you during the training.



Service during your stay


Our staff can answer your questions anytime and they can also help you deal with any problems that arise. If you have any problems in getting along with your family, we are willing to be your consultant. If you have to change your family, we can also assist you. The language barrier can sometimes create difficulties and misunderstandings with your host family; we can translate for you and act as a neutral third party to help resolve the issue. 


Support During and After the Program


In order to help you understand China and its culture we organize various activities and trips that will add even more flavor to your time here. You'll be able to spend time with other program participants and make new friends. You'll get to talk with people who are going through the same exciting life experience as you, as well as learn about their home countries (we get program particpants from all over the world!). When your time with us comes to an end, we will be more than happy to advise you on your further development plans in China if you consider extending your stay here. We are willing to help you search for work experience and internships that will contribute to your CV/resume.