Early Bird  emphasizes enriching our exchange students’ life in foreign countries by providing them with a host family and also, from time to time, organizing a series of activities, such as traveling, parties and so on.

By now, Early Bird  has hundreds of working partners in Germany, other European countries and the United States. It also has a good and stable relationship with universities, educational studies and family service agencies in all provinces and major cities of China. Early Bird has also attended many conferences organized by international youth organizations, such as WYSTC, IAPA and so on. We hope to acquire more inspiration and chances from these conferences in order to provide the best services possible to international young people.

Early Bird commits itself to study how to enhance our service to exchange students and families both from China and foreign countries. We hope to make our contributions to the development of international young people and satisfy the needs of family education by providing innovative, standard, and rigorous service. The overall program objective is to increase the participant’s appreciation for Chinese language and culture while facilitating international understanding and to introduce Western culture to traditional Chinese families.




  • the foremost window for professional Au Pair placement services in China.
  • an ideal place to spend your gap year, or anytime you desire gaining a new and valuable international experience.
  • an authorized professional agency run by involved colleagues who genuinely like young people and believe in the value of cultural exchange.




  • most resourceful, well organized and worthwhile program.
  • the program and application process organized and efficient for all participants.
  • orientations, regular training courses conducted by experienced staff in Early Bird headquarters upon your arrival.
  • all kinds of cultural and social activities throughout the year.
  • intuitively maintaining and developing service standards on an international scale.
  • a disciplined methodology of rigorous thinking, innovative ideas and vigilant workforce.
  • assistance from Early Bird’s multicultural and multilingual support team.
  • whole-heartedness, kindness and cultural awareness.




  • offer you a safe and legal approach to becoming an cultural ambassador in China.
  • actively help you find an cultural ambassador placement.
  • bring you a consistent wealth of learning, cultural enriching, self-improving and career development.